Our legal practice focuses on small businesses and is organized to meet our clients’ need by offering a broad range of transactional and advisory work for business owners. While we do not handle litigation, we work hard to resolve matters, so the risk of litigation is reduced, but in the event litigation is needed, we will help refer you to a reputable litigation attorney.

We counsel business clients on a multitude of legal and intellectual property issues, which range from establishing the right corporate entity/structure to formation, drafting of contracts and agreements as it relates to their ongoing business, trademark, copyright, joint ventures and mergers and acquisitions.

We also counsel businesses on ongoing legal issues related to employee relations and management, change of control, privacy and any legal consequences of any current or proposed business practices.

pexels-photo-2Business Law

Business Entity Selection and Formation- LLC, C-Corp, S-Corp, Sole Proprietorship and Non Profit

Joint Venture, Partnership, Operating Agreements, Merger Agreements, Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws

Contract Review, Drafting and Negotiation

Employment Agreement, Independent Contractor Agreement, Employment Handbooks

Website Agreement Packages

Intellectual Property Law


Searching state, federal and foreign registers for prior marks

Rendering opinions on ability to use and register, and infringement matters

Preparing and securing registration applications

Litigation and enforcement of rights

Maintenance filings

Trademark infringement disputes


U.S. registration and foreign protection of copyrighted works

Protection of computer software

Licensing of copyrighted works

Negotiation and handling copyright infringement or ownership disputes

Copyright infringement disputes


Patent and prior art searching

Patentability opinion and analysis

Patent procurement in the U.S. and foreign countries

Validity, infringement, and enforceability assessments

Reissue and reexamination applications

IP transfers, licensing and invention assignment agreements

Maintenance filings

Patent infringement disputes

Outside General Counsel

Starting a business can often leave clients cash-strapped since available resources are usually
 poured into the new venture, however, business owners often have a myriad of legal matters that need to be addressed in order to protect their investments.  With that in mind, we offer our services as outside general counsel for a predictable and cost effective flat-fee that is billed monthly to small businesses in various industries and at various stages of their business as an alternative to an unpredictable hourly model or permanent counsel employee payroll.   Offering peace of mind to business owners, so you can focus on growing your business while we do all the legal worrying for you.

Initial Consultation

If you are interested in a legal consultation with our firm, we will send you a questionnaire that needs to be completed at least 3 days before our meeting so we can go over the legal, financial, tax planning, insurance and or intellectual property aspects of  your business. We plan and research before every consultation, including learning about your business industry and/or intellectual property so we can provide effective and quality legal advice as it relates to your own personal business consult. Due to this pre meeting work and legal advice and opinion at our consultation sessions, we charge a minimal  fee of $250.00 for an hour long meeting. This fee is due at the scheduling of the consultation and is non-refundable. That means, if we cannot proceed further after your initial consultation, the fee will not be returned to you.

However, if we mutually decide to move forward with legal services, the amounts paid for the initial consultation will be credited towards the future cost of your legal bill. Although, you have no obligation to hire us after your initial consultation, you will receive legal advice and information that can be used right away.

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