Tips for Selecting a Business Bank Account

  When you start a small business, one decision you need to make early on is selecting a business bank account. Business accounts often provide benefits and incentives that can help with a small business’s day-to-day operations.  Different Accounts for Different Types of Businesses There are many business bank accounts that differ based on the… Continue Reading

Using Confidentiality Agreements to Protect Your Business

  All businesses have sensitive information about business operations that they keep away from the public, and most especially their competitors. This is information such as trade secrets, patents, or anything that earns the business profits. It could also be information that could leave the business legally vulnerable to lawsuits if disclosed to the public.… Continue Reading

How To Register A Trademark

  As most business owners know, your TRADEMARK will be one of, if not the most important and valuable business asset that your business will own. It is part of your commercial brand identity and ultimately part of the financial valuation of your company. So if you have a have a snazzy business logo, brand… Continue Reading

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