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Owning a business that is able to employ people is a great accomplishment and requires a lot of sweat and tears to build up. So the worst thing that could happen to any business owner is to have your hard work fall into shambles because your employee sued you and financially crippled the business. You might say, you treat your employees very well but as any diligent business owner knows, you should always try to litigation proof your business as best as you can.

Ayesha Chidolue of The Chidolue Law Firm, PLLC is a labor and employment lawyer that helps small business owners draft and review employment agreements, employment handbooks, manuals and as well offers outside General Counsel services to businesses so they can be proactive about protecting their business.

Employment Handbook Drafting And Review For Business Owners

Business owners should always seek the advice of legal counsel when creating an Employment Handbook. An employment handbook is a manual that each employee is given to read and sign at the beginning of their employment. This manual is important because it sets clear expectations for each employee and should cover most questions about the company’s policy and rules.  This not only acts as protection for the company, but it also provides good information to an employee who might not want to ask or who can’t find the answer to the information.


Employment and Business Law Services

Employment Handbooks

Employment Agreements

Outside General Counsel

Business Audit for Legal, Tax, Insurance and Financial risks

Consult with an Employment Law Attorney Immediately!

Ultimately, every business owner desires to have employees at any level of their business or another as part of their measure of success and this doesn’t have to be complicated. Whether you have hired employees or are contemplating hiring new employees, consult with an employment or business attorney. Sitting down with us can provide you legal direction and guidance before, during and after the hiring process. Attorney Chidolue will call you back within 24 hours to discuss your business needs.  Are you ready to grow your business? Well then let’s get started!


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