Need an E-1 or E-2 U.S. Visa? Hiring Orlando Immigration Attorney Makes it Easier

Landing a work visa in the U.S. can be a lengthy bureaucratic process. Our Orlando immigration lawyers know the process can be rife with headaches and delays, which is why we advise seeking legal advice as early on as possible. The good news is that for some situations, the U.S. government offers the equivalent of “immigration express passes” for traders, investors and entrepreneurs intent on boosting American economic interests. They’re called E-visas – specifically E-1 visas and E-2 visas.

E-visas (E-1 treaty trader visas and E-2 investor visas) have numerous perks. Those include:

  • Expedited turnaround time (decisions as soon as 15 days after application);
  • Extended length of stay (two-to-five years, typically);
  • Approval of spouse, children and employee visas for the same duration.

The advantages are numerous, but qualifying for E-1 and E-2 visas requires meeting stringent criteria. It can prove particularly challenging for small business investors. An Orlando immigration attorney can help with the legwork necessary to successfully secure an E-1 or E-2 visa. From our Florida offices, we assist clients with:

  • Business formation/organization
  • Adaptation of business plans for visa purposes
  • Preparation/gathering of all necessary supporting documents.

A dedicated Florida E-1 visa lawyer/E-2 visa attorney will help you prepare the strongest possible case to expedite your application and boost your odds of visa approval – and the launch of a new business venture.

Israel to Join List of Nations Eligible for U.S. E-2 Treaty Visa

Legal assistance for U.S. E-1 and E-2 visas has become especially important amid record-low approvals in recent years for non-immigration U.S. visas like the E-2 and L-1. The U.S. State Department reported nearly 21,700 were rejected last year – an increase of 1,000 from the year before and largely attributed to the Trump administration’s so-called “Muslim travel ban.” Visas of all types granted to applicants from these countries – Chad, Iran, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Yemen, North Korea and Venezuela – fell by 80 percent.

Meanwhile, applicants from other countries – namely, Israel – appear poised to have new doors of opportunity opened. The Jerusalem Post reports
Israeli citizens seeking to invest significant funds or establish a business in the United States will likely be eligible to receive an E-2 Treaty Investor Visa on May 1, after negotiations between the two countries have concluded.

The E-2 visa allows a national of a treaty country (there are roughly 80) to enter the U.S. if they are investing a sizable amount of money in a US-based business. The May 1 slated launch date is expected to be approved by U.S. officials in the coming weeks.

The decision to allow Israel to join the ranks of treaty countries was initially approved during the Obama administration, but final approval had been on the back burner until recently. (U.S. citizens are already able to obtain a B-5 Israeli investor treaty visa for business launch/investment in Israel.)

Persons or companies in Israel interested in securing E-2 visas for themselves or employees will likely need to apply U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services  Branch Office in Tel Aviv. Working with an immigration lawyer based in the U.S., though, can help ensure all requirements are met and proper paperwork is submitted.

No matter which country you’re from, it’s important to understand the USCIS does not provide the kind of assistance to ensure you’ve met all criteria. The agency is solely responsible for processing your application. It’s up to you and your attorney – to ensure paperwork is properly submitted.

Orlando immigration attorneys offer free initial consultations for those considering applying for a U.S. E-1 or E-2 visa. We’ll advise whether this is the best option for your circumstances and ways in which we can help you navigate the process.

Contact the Orlando, Florida immigration attorneys at The Chidolue Law Firm, serving Orlando and Lake Mary, by calling (407) 995-6567 or email us.

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