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Building a successful business is a journey – one that is undeniably exciting, but often wrought with potentially costly pitfalls. A knowledgeable business attorney is critical to paving the way, protecting your time and investments and steeling you for potential legal challenges (or preferably circumventing them altogether).

An experienced business attorney in Florida provides vital assistance in almost every facet of operations, from ensuring proper business entity selection and formation to contract negotiations and advice on copyright and trademark rules.

At The Chidolue Law Firm, we offer our small business clients sound advice and responsive representation. The best Orlando business attorneys are those committed to ensuring clients have the legal tools and protections they need to successfully navigate their industry and steer clear of unnecessary conflict.

Although some Florida business owners and entrepreneurs put off hiring an attorney until they are facing litigation, we stress that so many issues that make companies vulnerable to liability are largely avoidable when you have a business attorney guiding you at the outset. Regular or at least periodic consultations help safeguard your livelihood.

Why Hire a Florida Business Law Attorney?

Whether you are just starting out, hoping to expand or grappling with a challenging dispute, our business attorneys can help. Having a trusted advisor who understands your business model and the potential snares will help you to either move confidently forward with your plans or make adjustments so you won’t be held back.

Services we provide to our Orlando business owner clients at The Chidolue Law Firm include:

  • Business entity selection and formation (LLC, C-Corp, sole proprietorship and non-profit). Choosing the correct business entity is important when it comes to tax issues, asset protection and avoidance of liability.
  • Buying a business/ Asset and stock purchase. Acquisitions can vary in size, scope and structure, and it’s imperative to have an attorney who can help you negotiate favorable terms and make sure the risks you’re taking on are reasonable.
  • Registering a trademark and addressing copyright issues. The trademark application process is one that, per the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, has numerous legal requirements and strict deadlines. Filing fees aren’t r An attorney can help you be certain your time and money aren’t wasted. Copyright lawyers can help make sure your valuable works of authorship (i.e., product designs, computer software, film, sound recordings, writing material, etc.) are protected to the greatest extent possible.
  • Joint venture, business partnerships, operating agreements, merger agreements, articles of incorporation and bylaws. Partnership structures, incorporations and bylaws can affect many aspects of the business, from taxing to establishment of fiduciary duties to liability. We help you in the confidence you are receiving a fair deal and your business model is sound.
  • Partnership disputes. When a business partnership goes south, whether because of breach of contract or over disagreements about how the business should be run, an attorney can help you formulate the most effective strategy for a favorable outcome.
  • Buy-sell agreements. Sometimes referred to as “business wills,” these agreements are a plan for the death, disability or other departure of business partners.
  • Intra-family business disputes. Although any partnership disagreement is challenging, those involving family businesses are among the trickiest to navigate, as there is the potential for serious damage to the value of the company as well as to important relationships. We work to resolve these disputes in a manner that is as effective, efficient and collaborative as possible.
  • Contract review, contract drafting and contract negotiation, including employment contracts, government contract negotiation and real estate contracts. Do-it-yourself contract negotiation rarely ends well because there are so many considerations that must be made. You can use an online legal service for a fraction of the cost, but that comes with the sacrifice of quality – and risking your preparation and protection.
  • Employment agreements, independent contractor agreements, employee handbooks. Agreements between employers and employees or company and independent contractor can be oral or implied, but having a written contract is preferable. Written contracts clearly outline the responsibilities and expectations of those involved.
  • Website agreements, including terms of use, privacy policy and disclaimers. Given that so much commerce and commercial exchange occurs online, having clear terms and conditions, privacy policies and other disclaimers is a necessity for many businesses.
  • Business Litigation.  We try to do our best to reduce the chances of ligitation, but understand that in some cases, litigation is inevitable. We will help you litigate your business dispute, breach of contract or partner dispute.

Our business lawyers in Orlando recognize that many small business owners may be concerned about costs of attorney fees, especially when there is no legal requirement to hire a business lawyer for some of these processes. However, a good business attorney is an important investment.

When your counsel helps you lay the proper legal foundation for your business and is available for periodic or regular consult on issues as they arise, you reduce the personal and professional risk of costly disputes, including litigation. Most business owners find working with our legal team ultimately saves them time and money and protects their most valuable assets. What’s more, a business owner’s energies are better spent focusing on the business, rather than trying to comb through statutes to determine their rights and obligations.

The Florida Business Corporations Act, codified in F.S. Chapter 607, offers statutory guidelines and procedures for business owners in the Sunshine State. One glance at these provisions is enough to underscore the fact that while some of it might be fairly straightforward (example: Filing requirements, as outlined in F.S. 607.1020), even those matters can quickly become highly technical and even contentious.

Business Growth in Florida

Florida’s business community is thriving, with the U.S. Small Business Administration reporting there are 2.3 million small business in the state, comprising 98 percent of all Florida businesses and employing 43 percent of the workforce.

A small business is understood to mean an operation with fewer than 100 workers. Most of these firms in Florida exist within the industries of:

  • Professional/ scientific/ technical services;
  • Health care and social assistance;
  • Retail;
  • Construction;
  • Real estate;
  • Accommodation and food services;
  • Wholesale trade.

Florida private start-up business rates (when business establishments hire at least one employee for the first time) are about than 18,000 a quarter. Meanwhile, approximately 16,000 companies existing in that time too. The Florida Division of Corporations reports that the annual number of new domestic profit entity filings is on average more than 100,000. When factoring in limited partnerships, non-profits and other types of start-ups, that figure surpassed 360,000.

Both start-up and exiting business owners need consultation from an Orlando business attorney, as do those with operations in full swing.

Contact the Florida business attorneys at The Chidolue Law Firm, serving Orlando and Lake Mary, by calling (407) 995-6567 or email us.

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